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One of the most frequently asked queries we receive is what kind of insurance is required for a tree surgeon? There are numerous factors that affect the answer, including the type of work performed by the arborist, as well as whether the business employs employees. We will look at a few options and provide further details should you require. It is important to note that this is general information and is not any specific advice. tree surgeon insurance UK.

What type of insurance is required for a tree surgeons to protect themselves from the possibility of causing damage while working?

Insurance for public liability is one of the insurances most frequently requested by tree arborists. Although it’s not legally required but it is an essential insurance policy to have and protects against things such as:

  • Property damage to a client or property of another as the direct result of your work
  • Any serious bodily injury incurred to a person or a other person as the result of your job

The premiums are usually based on turnover, the kind of work that is performed, and the amount of coverage. The options for public liability insurance for tree surgeons start at PS1million but most commercial clients require coverage by up to PS5million. In some instances, the coverage that is as high as PS10million could be the difference in securing the contract. It is crucial that we speak to you in order that we know more about your company before preparing the price.

What type of insurance is required for a tree surgeon in the event that they are assisted by someone else them?

It is likely that you will require Employers’ liability insurance in the event that you employ employees or employ labour-only subcontractors. Don’t think that because “staff” are self-employed, you don’t require this kind of insurance. Insurance for employees is intended to provide compensation for injury or illness in which the employer is held accountable. In contrast to the public liability insurance that is required that tree surgery professionals have the employer’s policy of liability is a legally required obligation. The absence of it at the time it is required is a felony offense punishable with fines as high as PS2500 per day that the law is violated.

If you’re not sure if you require employers liability insurance, it is best to seek out advice from a firm that specializes in tree surgeon insurance.

As a company, we have often participated in discussions in leading business discussions forums over the years on this exact issue.

If you’d like to discuss whether your tree-related business requires employers liability insurance Contact us on 0732 373864 and we’ll be more than happy to discuss your requirements in greater specific detail.

Professional Indemnity for tree surgeons as well as consultants

For consultants or tree surgeons who provide arboricultural reports or advice it is crucial to be covered by professional insurance that covers arborists’ indemnity. These policies are designed to protect you against financial loss or physical harm that may occur caused by negligence you’ve given to your clients.

This type of protection is particularly important to consultants in arborists, and we suggest talking to us if you think you’ll require this type of cover to the tree surgery insurance policy.

Personal accident protection for arborists

Insurance for personal injuries is intended to provide you with a replacement income in case you are unable to work due to an accident. Insurance for personal injuries is frequently neglected by tree surgeons since they view it as to be an unneeded cost. When you take into consideration the fact that arborists are classified as one of the most dangerous jobs in the UK it is vital to consider how you’d pay your bills if were to be involved by an accident. Our sister website provides more details about the personal accident protection we offer to arborists.

If you are employed or self-employed, or even a director of a company, go to the Tree Surgeon Injury Insurance for more details.

What kind of insurance does a tree surgeon require to protect the chainsaws, tools and plants from the theft of their tools?

Tree surgeons own a variety of popular equipment, and it’s worth looking into insurance for them along with strong physical security. One piece of advice we have is to not put chainsaws on vehicles for a long time and especially if the vehicle has your company’s brand name on it.

Are you looking for more details?

If you would like to discuss any aspect of this article , namely ‘what type of insurance is needed by a tree surgeon?’, the best way to go is to call us at 07732 373864. Another alternative is to visit the guide section or fill out the contact form provided below. tree surgeon insurance UK

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