You are currently viewing 5 teens are now detained in the Far Westside ‘wrong house’ drive-by accident that killed one woman.

5 teens are now detained in the Far Westside ‘wrong house’ drive-by accident that killed one woman.

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Three teens were also arrested on Friday, October 7 in connection with the murder of a woman who’s home was targeted by mistake in a drive-by shooting the Far Westside early morning on Tuesday October 4 according to Bexar County Sheriff’s Office. Two teenagers two teenagers, a 14 and a 15-year-old were detained earlier in the week, and were charged with murder as well as assault using an armed weapon that could kill.

The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office announced on the 8th of October, on a Saturday that seventeen-year old Johnny Bermea is charged with criminally deadly conduct using firearm. A further 14 and 15-year old were detained and charged with murder using firearms. The four minor teens are not yet identified by the police.Novita Brazil drive by shooting.

The 25 year old Novita Brazil, 25, was working at her laptop at her home located in the 14000 block Bald Mountain Drive at the time of the shooting happened shortly after 12:30 a.m. A 41-year old Airbnb guest who was who was staying in the house was admitted to hospital with an injury from a gunshot.

The two teens charged with murder as well as aggravated assault using an armed weapon of deadly force were accused of fleeing the residence following the shooting, triggering an intense chase, which was reported to have ended with the aid of helicopter. The car was discovered to be stolen , but were unable to locate the guns. investigators discovered more than 100 shell casings on the streets around the house.Novita Brazil drive by shooting.

The sheriff’s office didn’t clarify how the three teenagers were arrested on Friday have anything to do with this shooting. However, they stated in a statement that they “had fired a gun during the shooting, which struck multiple properties, causing damage to property.”

“Illegal guns that are in the hands of teenagers as well as reckless criminals are an unintentional recipe for catastrophe,” Sheriff Javier Salazar stated. “The inhumane lack of concern for the human condition shown by the two groups has turned a tranquil suburban area into a war zone, which resulted in two innocent women being shotand one dying. Although these suspects and their guns are no longer on the streets, a lot of work is still to be completed.”Novita Brazil drive by shooting.

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