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The Secret of Floating Home Insurance

Floating Home Insurance

Houseboats or floating homes are, as their title suggests, floating homes. Just like a home floating home is required to be insured. We want you to enjoy many years of enjoyment and enjoyment from your floating home, and that’s why we provide a comprehensive insurance policy that protects the boat and you from various risks that can occur on the water.

Floating homes are the ideal option for those looking to live by the water but aren’t willing to sacrifice accommodation. They provide an easier pace of life and a higher to the natural world around us. But, with these distinctive residences come risks unique to each, which makes finding the appropriate insurance even more crucial.

At Assist Insurance Services, we’ve been offering bespoke insurance to homeowners of leisure and craft homes for more than 16 years. We are now able to provide insurance for your floating home specifically tailored to your requirements and designed to provide complete protection and security.

Comprehensive coverage as standard with a variety of additional options allows us to customize the coverage to meet your particular needs and your particular home. With our outstanding services to customers, our competitive rates, and our experienced staff, you’ll know that you’ve made the best choice when you choose to insure your home with Assist Insurance.

  • A home can’t accidentally fall over in a storm.
  • A home can’t sink.

As an insurance company with years of experience in water sports, we’ve been studying the potential risks associated with floating homes and provide comprehensive, custom insurance coverage for your floating house by offering the “EIS-BASIC” cover packages.

In addition to the insurance coverage for the houseboat on its pier, the tender is insured within a radius of 100m. So, you’ll have maximum freedom of movement, you are able to explore the area in a spacious manner or take advantage of the water sports available. Full household inventory insurance that covers up to 75 percent of the total insurance amount is included in the BASIC coverage that floating houses receive. We also modified our BASIC insurance for floating homes in terms of risks that are covered.

In addition vandalism and robbery, in addition to burglary, and attempts to commit such crimes are covered. In order to allow you to take pleasure in water sports on your tender with peace of mind, the insurance for accidents is not just applicable to your floating house, but also for excursions with the tender.

The BASIC covers details for floating homes

Co-insured under the liability insurance as the following:

  • Personal legal responsibility of the skipper as well as other persons who have been in charge of the vehicle.
  • The use and ownership of dinghies at least 5 PS
  • The legal obligation of individuals insured against a damaged boat resulted from an aid method e.g. an anchoring rope if they are required to help the boat that is in distress;
  • The legal obligation for the financial loss resulting caused by claims that occurred during the relevant time period of the insurance
  • The legal responsibility of the insured person from direct or indirect effects of changes in the physical or biological character of the stretch of water, including the groundwater (water-polluting).

Information about the full coverage insurance

  • Insurance coverage extends to yachts and boats, including equipment, machinery inventory, dinghies, attachments, and personal items;
  • Insurance coverage is valid both on land and water including landing and launching
  • Insurance protection for transports on road, as well as for boats being trailered via ferry
  • The risks covered are sinking, water ingress and faucet water, flame Lightning strike, implosion, implosion hurricane, force majeure vandalism, burglary, robbery;
  • Costs to save, salvage attempts, and, if necessary waste disposal, up to the amount of the insurance ( on top of the amount of insurance );
  • Costs incurred by the policyholder to the prevention and mitigation of damage to a maximum of 20 percent of the amount covered;
  • This includes race risk/race risks for sailing yachts in regattas of clubs;
  • In the event of total loss in the event of a total loss: replacement of the value (time value insurance);
  • If there is an incident that is not complete: purchase 100 % of the repair costs, purchase transportation costs to the shipyard, and the return route;
  • Removal of the deductible in the event of theft the motor or boat comes with a GPS or GSM transponder.

Passenger Accident Insurance

  • Global coverage for the insured floating home and its tender
  • The insured include the insurance policy holder (owner) and the crew members, the skipper as well as guests and visitors
  • Double disability benefit of up to 200 000 EUR per person based on 90 percent disability.

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