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Motorbike accidents are much more likely to cause fatal injuries and deaths than any other type of motor vehicle accident. denver motorcycle accident attorney. If you’ve been in an accident riding your motorcycle, or injured in an accident caused by the negligence of a person riding a motorcycle in Colorado It is important to get in touch with a seasoned attorney for motorcycle accidents in Denver immediately following your accident.

There is a possibility of not having a lawsuit filed for negligence against your injuries suffered in an accident on the road after a certain amount of time is over. According to Colorado Revised Statutes SS 13-80-101 the statute of limitation (also known as SOL) in the case of the majority of motor vehicle accidents that result in personal injuries can be three years. The statute of limitations prohibits the person from filing a lawsuit seeking damages against the negligent party after a specific time period has expired. Because this is a brief timeframe that it is essential for you to speak with an experienced lawyer for motorcycle accidents located in Denver, Colorado as soon after you’ve been involved in a motorbike accident.

Lawyer for Motorcycle Accidents in Denver, Colorado

Get in touch with Donaldson Law, LLC If you’ve been injured in a motorbike accident that occurred in the greater Denver region, including Boulder, Longmont, Lakewood, Arvada, Aurora, Thornton, Westminster, Centennial or Littleton. Lawyer Jennifer L. Donaldson will endeavor to hold the negligent person accountable for all the damages, injuries, and losses you’ve suffered due to the driver’s negligence.

She will fully investigate each crash , including interviews with witnesses and police officers, and hiring experts, like investigators or accident reconstructionists to look at the wreckage as well as skid marks on the vehicles, and other evidence to identify the circumstances under which the crash was caused and to assist in overcoming issues of prejudice and perception that could be an issue during trial. Contact Donaldson Law, LLC at (303) 529-2446 now for a no-cost consultation regarding your claim for compensation in a motorcycle accident.

Popular Motorcycle Routes in Denver, Colorado

Many people simply love taking the roads through Colorado which include I-70 as well as I-76. In addition, the Colorado Tourism Office also lists 10 motorcycle routes that are popular which include:

  • Mount Evans Scenic and Historic Byway starting from Idaho Springs to Mount Evans;
  • Trail Ridge Road Scene and Historic Byway, from Estes Park to Grand Lake;
  • Santa Fe Trail Scenic and Historic Byway that runs beginning from Trinidad up to Lamar;
  • San Juan Skyway Scenic and Historic Byway which includes Cortez, Telluride, Placerville, Ridgway, Ouray, Silverton and Durango;
  • ABEGUACH Scenic Byway and Unaweep starting from Whitewater through Placerville;
  • Frontier Pathways Scenic and Historic Byway beginning from Pueblo from Westcliffe up to Colorado City;
  • Pawnee pioneer trails Scenic byway Historic and Scenic starting from Sterling through Fort Morgan to Ault;
  • Top of the Rockies Scenic and Historic Byway starting from Twin Lakes to Minturn;
  • Independence Pass on Highway 82 from Glenwood Springs to Twin Lakes and
  • Los Caminos Antiguos Scenic and Historic Byway beginning at to the New Mexico border to Alamosa.

Motorcyclists could get involved in an incident on one of these beautiful routes. However, they might also get injured on the roads in and surrounding Denver. In the event of a crash that results in injuries and/or death, the motorcycle accident lawyers from Denver, Colorado will look at the reason for the accident and determine if it was because of the negligence of another party. Negligence implies that the responsible party was required to behave in according to a specific way, but did not fulfill that obligation.

Colorado Motorcycle Insurance Laws

Regarding the requirements for insurance, Colorado requires motorcyclists to buy minimum coverage.

  • $25,000 per person for bodily injury protection
  • $50,000 per accident to cover bodily injury
  • $15,000 per accident to cover property damage

You can also purchase an additional insurance policy to cover any other costs that could arise following an accident.

  • Medical insurance coverage that helps cover serious injuries.
  • Collision insurance to cover motorbike repairs
  • In the event of an accident, you must have coverage for uninsured or underin should you be involved in a crash with a driver who doesn’t have insurance

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Denver, Colorado

With the increasing interest and popularity of motorcycles grows the number of people who get injured in crashes involving motorcycles. Motorcycle accidents are typically caused due to one among the reasons listed below:

  • Speeding:
  • Driving distracted;
  • While driving, using mobile phones;
  • Driving impaired by alcohol or drugs;
  • Driving while raged on the road;
  • Entrance into a major roadway
  • Disobedience to traffic signals or signs.
  • Inability to surrender access to the roadway to another vehicle;
  • Rear-end collision;
  • Driving recklessly;
  • Sideswiping at the time of changing lanes, or merging, and/or
  • Then, you can turn into the path of oncoming traffic , or riding a motorcycle.

The majority of motorbike accidents cause bodily or physical injuries rather than just damage to property, as is typically the case in car accidents. Even if a motorcyclist is protected by a helmet, or other other protective gear, they are much more likely to sustain serious injuries.

Most of the most commonly reported motorbike injuries include however, they aren’t only

What happens if I am injured in a motorbike accident and I am no longer a Colorado resident?

A large number of motorcyclists who ride who reside in Colorado originate from different states, regardless of whether they’re on journeys across the country or have visited Colorado for riding. If you’re an outsider to the state and you are not a resident of Colorado, you cannot bring a lawsuit within your state of residence. Colorado courts are able to hear lawsuits stemming from accidents that took place in Colorado.

According to Colorado law district courts are able to exercise the power to hear any civil case which exceeds the amount of $15,000 worth of damages. There are 22 districts of judicial jurisdiction, each of which has jurisdiction over specific counties.

Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 98 determines the location, and that is the place where the lawsuit has to be filed. In accordance with that rule, the suit must file in the district court, which includes:

  • The county in which the defendant or person who is being sued, lives;
  • The county in which the plaintiff, or the person is suing, in the event that the defendant is able to be served in that county.
  • If the defendant isn’t an occupant of the State, then any county in which the defendant could be located; or
  • The county in which the crime was committed, which is the place the place where the incident occurred.

In the case of an incident occurred in one of the roads around Denver You could file with the Second Judicial District. If the accident occurs while driving on I-70 close to Silverthorne it is possible to make a claim within the Fifth Judicial District, whose area of jurisdiction is Summit County.

An experienced lawyer for motorbike accidents located in Denver, Colorado, such as Jennifer Donaldson, knows the appropriate location for your motorcycle accident claim and is the most knowledgeable of the Colorado laws that affect your claim.

If you’re back within your own state recuperating, Jennifer Donaldson will do all that she can to make sure you don’t have to return to Colorado to take care of all aspects of your case. The majority of clients from out of state can claim compensation for their losses without needing to travel to Colorado at all.

Motorcycle Accident Claims in Denver, Colorado

If you’ve been involved in a motorbike accident It is crucial to talk to an experienced lawyer who specializes in motorcycle accidents in Denver prior to making contact with any insurance firm. The insurance provider of the responsible party might try to deny your claim , or even refuse to be able to pay the entire amount due. It is crucial never to sign paperwork or make a statement recorded or accept an amount of settlement prior to consulting with the lawyer for motorcycle accidents located in Denver, Colorado.

In most cases, insurance companies delay for a long amount of time to decide on your claim following an accident that involved a motorbike, and they may eventually refuse to pay your medical expenses. Inquiring with a seasoned lawyer for motorcycle accidents located in Denver, Colorado immediately after the accident will save you from the hassle and stress. The attorney representing you in your motorcycle accident located in Denver, Colorado will fight to get the maximum amount of settlement for the damages resulting from your motorcycle accident.

What if I didn’t follow the safety rules for motorcycles within Denver, Colorado?

Colorado law has limitations and regulations that apply specifically to motorcycles.

  • R.S. SS 42-2-103 requires all persons operating on a motorbike to display an endorsement for their motorcycle on their driver’s licence;
  • R.S. SS 42-4-1502 requires any person riding a motorbike to:
    • Sit on the seat, and with one leg for each side.
    • Do not carry a bag or do anything else that could hinder them from holding two hands to the handles
    • Do not carry a person in a manner that interferes with their ability of the motorcycle;
    • Check that passengers younger than 18 years old are wearing helmets.
  • R.S. SS 42-4-232 requires all persons operating on a motorcycle to wear glasses or goggles that have lenses made of glass or other plastic.

In addition, motorcyclists have to follow the similar rules of the road with respect to other motorists.

There is no perfect person the same goes for accident victims. They could have inadvertently violated the law of safety or did something that caused the accident. But, this doesn’t mean the victim is not entitled to compensation. Colorado has a “modified comparative negligence” rule. In the event that the plaintiff’s negligence was not comparable or more than the defendant’s, could be awarded. However, any negligence will reduce the amount the plaintiff can collect.

Motorcycle Helmet Laws in Denver, Colorado

The legislation of 1966 Highway Safety Act authorized the Secretary of Transportation to defer up to 10% of the federal highway construction funding when a state does not adopt safety rules like universal helmet laws. In the following 10-year period, 47 states, including Colorado had adopted uniform helmet law. In 1975 the Highway Safety Act was amended to end the authority of the transportation secretary to use highway funds from the federal government to influence states.

A year after, Colorado and several other states lifted its helmet regulations. The year 2007 was the first time Colorado introduced a new provision that required riders under the age of 18 wearing helmets.

The opponents of helmet laws claim that the freedom of choice often associated with motorcycles is contrary to a requirement to wear helmets and other safety equipment. While there is a reason that American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) urges motorcyclists to wear protective gear , including helmets, it is opposed to laws that require riders to wear helmets. Many motorcyclists argue that helmets could create problems because they make it more difficult for them be aware of their surroundings.

Others advocate for universal helmet laws, the argument that helmets could help a rider live longer or avoid serious injuries in an accident.

Recent figures provided by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reveal that in 2015, there were 103 deaths in Colorado in motorcycle accidents. This figure represents 19% of road fatalities in Colorado in the year 2015.

Find a personal injury lawyer located in Denver, CO, to learn more about what the implications of the fact that you weren’t wearing a helmet could impact the personal injury suit you file in Colorado.

Denver, Colorado Motorcycle Accident Resources

Live To Ride Live to Ride Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) — Live to Ride is the safety for motorcycles campaign that is run through the CDOT. It was created to “help motorcyclists at all levels to be safe, enjoy themselves and, perhaps more importantly, remain alive.” It is possible to find an assessment map of skills across the state, and find out more about the program on this site.

Let it Ride – CDOT4201 East Arkansas Avenue
Denver, CO 80222
(303) 757-9383

Abate of Colorado The acronym The acronym ABATE means A Brotherhood Active in Towards Education. The Colorado chapter is an non-profit motorcyclists’ rights group dedicated to protecting the individual’s freedom and encouraging security. On this site you will learn more about training for motorcycles, motorcycle rights, and forthcoming events.

ABATE of Colorado
1701 Chambers Road
Unit K
Aurora, CO 80011
(303) 789-3264

American Motorcycle Association (AMA) – Founded in 1924 in 1924, the American Motorcycle Association (AMA) safeguards motorcycle riders and the lifestyle. The AMA offers a variety of sources, including a sanctioning system for safe motorcycle riding as well as recreation events.

How Can Motorists Help Keep Motorcyclists and Bicyclists Safe in Denver, Colorado?

There are many steps motorists must take when they travel to stay clear of collisions with bicyclists or motorcyclists.

In the first place, drivers must be cautious when turning. It can be difficult to see an approaching motorcyclist , or bicyclist in certain situations because they are shorter than automobiles. Before turning around at an intersection or entering a driveway, drivers must be sure to check their mirrors as well as their surroundings for bicyclists and motorcyclists.

If motorists are travelling near cyclists or motorcyclists it is essential to allow plenty of space for traveling. Motorists must also travel as slow as they can.

A lot of roads are designated as bike lanes for cyclists. Motorists must be cautious not to cross their roads into these bike lanes, since an accident of serious consequence could happen. It is equally important that drivers are aware of the bicycle lane when they turn. If you’re driving in an e-bike lane, be sure to utilize the turn signals to signal cyclists you’re turning. Also, check your blind spots as well as mirrors on the sides to ensure the bicycle lane is in good condition before turning.

If you are riding alongside motorcyclists and bicyclists motorists should respect the right of way when they are required to. Bicyclists and motorcyclists have the right to ride on the road the same way as those who drive motor vehicles. Therefore, they have the right to use the right of way in certain circumstances.

If a driver has parking on the street the driver must always be aware of the front and back before opening the door of the vehicle. Bicyclists are often the victims of serious injuries after being hit by doors of cars that were opened.

If traveling in an area of residential or in an area that has parks or schools motorists must be alert. Children are more likely to use their bikes in these areas , and they may not be able to see approaching vehicles.

If a motorist is riding behind a bicycle or motorcycle especially in cold or snowy weather the driver should maintain sufficient distance from the bicyclists or motorcyclists. Because of their small size bikes and motorcycles slow down quicker than cars. If a motorist follows an unintentionally stopped bicycle or motorcycle closely, that driver could cause a rear-end collision the motorcyclist or bicyclist stop abruptly.

Motorists should always look over their blind spots prior to changing lanes or making turns. It might not be easy to recognize bicyclists and motorcyclists in the roadway, but an inspection of the blind spots can assist a motorist in avoiding the possibility of a serious crash.

When driving at night, motorists need to be vigilant in looking for bicyclists and motorcyclists. Bicyclists often do not have lights on their bikes and motorbikes might not be readily visible when they come up to a vehicle.

Motorcyclists and bicyclists must be able anticipate a vehicle’s movements, so turn signals is essential. When bicyclists and motorcyclists realize that a car is intending to slow up and turn it, they can alter their speed and location in line with the situation.

At intersections, it’s crucial for drivers to slow down and watch for bicyclists and motorcyclists who are coming in. If they making a left-hand turn, for instance they could be killed when hit by a car.

Failure to adhere to these rules for sharing the road could result in an accident that is serious.

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Are you hurt or your beloved one injured in a motorbike accident in Colorado? It is recommended that you seek legal advice to ensure you receive an adequate and fair settlement.

Donaldson Law, LLC represents car accident victims across Denver County as well as communities within Jefferson County, Denver County, Boulder County, Arapahoe County as well as Adams County. Contact us at (303) 529-2446 or fill out the online application now to schedule a no-cost and no-obligation consultation to permit Denver Personal Injury Lawyer Jennifer Donaldson to evaluate your case.

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