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Best Mountain Bike Travel Insurance

Mountain Bike Travel Insurance

You probably don’t need us to remind you that mountain bike insurance is required to protect you in the event of an accident. Mountain bikers traveling abroad can use our Mountain Bike Travel Insurance policy. It covers both downhill and enduro.

Our Mountain Bike Travel Insurance will cover you whether you are planning to go mountain biking with your family or do some serious Downhill riding with your friends. Mountain bike insurance includes coverage for medical emergencies, repatriation to UK, trip cancellation and all other features that you would expect from a travel insurance company.

Our mountain bike insurance policies also provide comprehensive coverage for Covid 19 related claims.

We’ve made mountain biking travel insurance as simple and straightforward as we did for travel insurance for winter sports. Mountain biking travel insurance has been difficult to purchase. We have made it easy for people who enjoy mountain biking in other countries to understand the coverage we provide.


We collaborated with mountain bikers and our cuctomers in order to create a travel insurance policy that meets the needs of mountain bikers without sacrificing any aspects of standard travel insurance.

We discovered that most people didn’t know about the limitations on insurance policies offered by standard holiday insurance providers. Many policies did not cover claims if a person fell off their bike while on a specific cycling holiday.

Before you climb the mountain, make sure to review what is covered.

Mountain biking is a favorite activity of Canadian World Nomads. There’s nothing better than taking your lunch with you, and having your feet pedaling you along the way. There are plans available that will cover mountain biking up to 6000m in elevation. You just need to ensure you have the right coverage.

You can see the mountain, and you are working hard. Now is not the right time to worry about whether your travel insurance covers you.

  • Plan Cover: World Nomads Standard & Explorer Plans covers mountain biking for elevations of up to 3000m.
  • Upgrade: For elevations of up to 6000m, you can upgrade your cover before you leave home.
  • Exclusion We won’t cover mountain biking on Bolivia’s infamous Death Road, also known as Yungas Road.
  • Inaccidental to the trip – We don’t cover mountain biking that is part of your holiday. This means that you plan to only ride or go mountain biking for an hour or so and that you won’t use a bike as your primary mode of transportation while you travel.

This is a summary of the cover. For more details, please read our helpdesk article.

Insurance for mountain biking trips

Mountain biking is a great activity especially when you are on vacation. However, it is important to ensure that your insurance covers you adequately. Mountain biking insurance will not be a problem, no matter how experienced you are.

All of our travel insurance policies include automatic coverage for more than 50 activities and sports, including insurance for surfing, Jet Ski, and basic Scuba Diving. All policies include mountain biking coverage. However, if you plan to do downhill racing or ride over extremely difficult terrain, you will need additional cover for adventure, and extreme sports .

Terms and conditions apply as always. Please refer to the policy language for more information about these and other activities.


Mountain biking is a fun and exciting activity, but it can also pose a danger. You may sustain an injury if your brakes fail or you are just unlucky enough to have your wheels fall off. You should consider purchasing travel insurance that will protect you in case of an injury or accident. We will cover you!

Mountain bike insurance: What should you look out for?

  • Is the insurer willing to pay for a replacement or for your bike’s value second-hand? Although all the listed insurers pay new value, some have a limit on bike age.
  • Are you able to receive compensation in cash, or through ‘preferred retailers?
  • Keep all receipts, including those for upgrades and bike locks, up-to-date.
  • You need to store your bike overnight. Are you allowed to store your bike in your shed? Is it necessary to lock your shed in your garage?
  • Which lock type do you require? Depending on the bike’s value, most insurers recommend bronze, silver, or gold certified locks
  • What’s limited? E.g. A recovery service must be within 30 miles and only three times per year.
  • What’s excluded? E.g. E-bikes might be excluded.
  • Although terms such as “racing coverage” may seem obvious, it is important to understand what the insurer means. It may mean you are covered for injury, damage and liability at races. For others, such as Cycleguard, it can also cover you for recovering costs if your injuries prevent you from going.


Mountain biking is covered by all our policies, making it one of 50 incredible adventure sports and activities. You can ride happily knowing you are protected.

  • Hospital benefit and medical expenses
  • Personal injury and liability
  • Cancellation and shortening of your holiday
  • Resign from your trip
  • Delayed departure
  • Coverage for accommodation
  • Baggage and personal belongings
  • Personal money, passport and other travel documents
  • Legal costs


All policies automatically cover mountain biking, but expensive equipment can make it difficult to travel with. All policies provide coverage for valuables including sporting equipment. Make sure to choose the right level of coverage for you. You can add extra valuables coverage to your policy if your mountain bike is very important to you. This covers up to PS1,000 per item. See our policy language for further details.


Do not let an accident ruin your entire week. Follow these simple tips to ensure you have a great time mountain biking.

  1. Make sure your equipment is functional.
  2. Wear the appropriate clothing and safety gear
  3. To find out more about our mountain biking insurance, request a quote online.

Insurance Requirements

You must have proof of personal injury insurance for mountain biking holidays. Singletrack Safari requires you to have sufficient mountain bike holidays insurance. Without it, we won’t be able guide or advise you. This isn’t something that we do, but every mountain biking company will need it. Sportscover direct is the best combination of price and cover we’ve found.

Active sports insurance for mountain biking will provide the best coverage. It also includes helicopter rescue in mountain rescue situations. Please check your policy. Your European Health Insurance Card provides basic medical support, but does not include mountain rescue. You can choose the coverage you want based on what type of riding you do. If you plan on riding DH heavily, make sure you have “Downhill”. But you don’t need “Racing” coverage!

Benefits of Travel Insurance

You can get travel insurance to protect yourself against the following: Cancellation or cutting short of your trip due to circumstances beyond your control For reasons beyond your control, missed transport or delayed departures may occur. emergency.

Benefits of travel insurance

1. Overseas emergency medical assistance

24-hour coverage for ambulances, medical evacuations, funeral arrangements, and other services.

2. Hospital and emergency room costs in the overseas area

You are covered for emergency treatment, hospital stays and surgery if you have to visit the hospital unexpectedly due to injury or illness.

3. Travel expenses and accommodation

Travel insurance covers you for any unforeseen accommodation or travel costs if you are injured or sick.

4. Family emergency

If a relative or friend dies unexpectedly or becomes disabled or in need of hospitalisation, you will be covered for unexpected travel expenses. * Learn more about family emergencies.

5. Cover for your travelling companion

Travel insurance will reimburse any expenses or accommodation costs incurred by your companion if they are unable to continue their holiday due to illness or injury.

6. Resumption

Your flights will be covered if you have to fly home due to a family death or serious illness. *

7. Hospital cash allowance

If you are hospitalized for more than two days, you will be paid a daily amount. *

8. Accidental death

A death payment will be made if you are unable to pay within 12 months after your trip due to an injury sustained during your holiday.

9. Permanent disability

A disability payment will be made to you for a minimum of 12 months if you lose sight or any limbs during your holiday.

10. Loss of income

You’ll receive a loss-of-income benefit for a period of time if you are injured on your trip.

11. Fraudulent use of credit cards and their replacement

If your credit cards are stolen or lost on your trip, you will be reimbursed.

12. Theft of travellers cheques, cash and travel documents

If your passport, travel documents, or travellers cheques are stolen or lost on your trip, you will be reimbursed. You’re also covered if you lose your cash. Mountain Bike Travel Insurance is one of the benefits. 

13. Personal effects, luggage and delays

Your belongings are covered in case they are stolen or lost during your trip.

Travel insurance will cover you for any costs related to clothes and luggage delayed by more than 12 hours. For example, you can’t buy a Gucci handbag while your travel insurance covers it.

14. Cancellation fees, as well as lost deposits

If you are unable to make your flight or accommodation arrangements due to illness, injury, strike, or natural disasters, you’re covered for cancellation fees and deposits. To understand cancellation coverage, you will be able to determine when you are covered.

15. Your journey could be disrupted

Your food and any other unforeseen expenses that you may have to pay for if your flight is delayed by more than 6 hours will be refunded.

16. Alternative transport

Your travel insurance will cover you if you are unable to make a pre-planned event, such as a wedding or funeral, conference, or any other pre-paid tour.

17. Personal liability

You are covered for any legal liability, including legal expenses for bodily injury or property damage caused by a claim against you.

18. Domestic pets

Travel insurance covers the additional cattery or kennel fees for those who are delayed in returning from holiday. Your vet bills will also be covered if your pet gets hurt while you are away. This is amazing!

19. Domestic services

If you are injured or disabled upon your return, some insurers offer housekeeping services.

20. Additional rental vehicle

Travel insurance can pay up to $5,000 for rental excess if a car is stolen or damaged while on holiday. Find out how you can save on excess car rental vehicle.

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