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The 10 Best Dalles Auto Accident Lawyer

what does an accident lawyer do?

Should you buy auto accident lawyer dallas. Following your car accident After your car accident, an lawyer for car accidents will collect information about the incident, provide you with legal guidance to discuss insurance companies’ claims and help you seek the compensation you deserve for your losses to help you recover from it and return to normal. Auto accidents are extremely stressful for those involved.

1.The Benton Law Firm

1825 Market Center Blvd Ste 350, Dallas, TX 75207

Business Description

The Benton Law Firm is a personal injury legal firm serving the citizens of Dallas. The firm operates three offices across the state and the team is familiar with auto accidents. The auto accident lawyer dallas. The team determines the root cause of the accident, for example, a tired driver or negligent manufacturer and negotiates with insurance firms to obtain an amount of compensation for the victim. The lawyers of the firm are part of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum.

2.Bober Law Firm

10440 North Central Expressway, Dallas, TX 75231

Business Description

Bober Law Firm, PLLC is a Dallas law firm that concentrates on auto accidents as well as injuries to the personal. Colin B. Bober is the principal attorney of the firm. He offers one-on-one assistance for his clients and aids clients with every step they take. He has represented more than 1000 clients over the course of his professional career, with the total settlement amount in excess of 20 million USD. He is an active part of the Texas Young Lawyers Association, the Texas Trial Lawyers Association, and is a licensed Attorney Ad Litem.

3.Rasansky Law Firm

2525 McKinnon Street #550, Dallas, TX 75201

Business Description

Rasansky Law Firm is a Personal injury law firm in Dallas which provides legal representation to car accident victims within the metroplex area of Dallas Fort Worth. The firm’s lawyers for car accidents are on a contingency basis and assist clients to understand their rights and options in regards to their injuries. They also communicate with medical professionals as well as insurance companies, and assist their clients obtain maximum financial settlement for the injuries they sustained. The lawyer who founded the firm Jeff Rasansky is an AV top lawyer who concentrates on personal accident and wrongful death lawsuits.

4.1-800-Lion-Law | Thompson Law

3300 Oak Lawn Ave 3rd Floor, Dallas, TX 75219

Business Description

Thompson Law in Dallas, Texas is a law firm for personal injury that is focused on protecting the rights of those who have been injured in car accidents. The firm was established in the year 2017 and this law firm is committed to offering personal injury claimants outstanding service across Texas and throughout the U.S. The main objective is to make use of all its resources to assist clients obtain maximum compensation for the injuries they sustained. Free assessments and reviews of case cases can be obtained upon the request of clients.

5.Anderson Injury Lawyers

2619 Hibernia Street, Dallas, TX 75204

Business Description

Anderson Injury Lawyers is an established law firm in private that provides services to clients in the Dallas metropolitan region. For more than 25 years the firm, which is fully staffed has focused exclusively on the law of personal injuries with lawyers for car accidents that are adept at solving cases involving collisions between bicycles and trucks and workplace accidents, motorcycle accidents, injuries sustained by daycare workers and pedestrian injuries. Anderson Injury Lawyers’ team Anderson Injury Lawyers also handles cases involving premises liability as well as dog bites, attacks and injuries and even wrongful death.

6.Cole Law

3090 Nowitzki Way Ste 300, Dallas, TX 75219

Business Description

Cole Law is an accident and personal injury law firm offering legal assistance to the victims of car accidents in Dallas and surrounding areas. The attorney Michael Cole served as a combat medic prior to becoming a lawyer. He utilizes his experience as a trauma survivor to aid those suffering from automobile accidents and other personal injuries to obtain the rightful financial compensation they deserve from the responsible person. The firm also handles personal injury cases, such as slip and fall accidents, defective products and animal-related cases.

7.Crowe Arnold & Majors, LLP

901 Main St., Dallas, TX 75202

Business Description

Crowe Arnold & Majors, LLP serves clients from Dallas. It offers legal advice and representation to victims of automobile collisions. The legal team utilizes evidence available, including medical documents, police reports and expert testimony to help clients get an appropriate settlement. In one instance the firm secured the verdict of $500,000 for a person who was injured in a car accident who suffered medical expenses of $26,000. Our team of lawyers at Crowe Arnold and Majors have collective legal experience of greater than 65 years.

8.Deon Goldschmidt Attorneys

1420 West Mockingbird Lane, Suite #210, Dallas, TX 75247

Business Description

Deon Goldschmidt Attorneys represents automobile accident victims from and around Dallas. The firm handles a variety of kinds of car accidents that include 18-wheeler truck accidents as well as car wrecks and motorcycle collisions. The lawyers of the firm utilize the more than thirty years combined legal experience to advocate as well as fighting to protect the rights of those who are victims of car accidents that result from reckless driving, dangerous weather conditions, or speeding. They also assist clients with receiving financial compensation for medical expenses and loss of earnings.

9.Fielding Law – Auto Accident Attorneys

18601 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy Suite 315, Mesquite, TX 75150

Business Description

Fielding Law offers counsel and representation to Dallas residents who have sustained injuries from a car crash because of the negligence of another party. The firm’s lawyers handle car accident cases that result in concussions and broken bones or internal bleeding, as well as spine injuries. The Best auto accident lawyer dallas. The lawyers deal with cases related to speeding, deficient design of the vehicle or distracted driving. They also handle cases involving motorcycles and trucks. A partner of the company, Mitchell Fielding, is admitted to the State Bars of Arizona, Idaho and Utah.

10.Greening Law, P.C

12900 Preston Rd Ste 600, Dallas, TX 75230

Business Description

Established in 1992 by Robert Greening, Greening Law PC’s attorneys for vehicle accidents located in Dallas, Texas represent clients who are involved in car accidents. Robert Greening has been practicing law since 1992. He graduated with a legal degree at the University of Houston, and is a lecturer on personal injury litigation law. This one of  auto accident lawyer dallas. Greening Law PC has a group of medical professionals who can treat patients with no cost out of pocket. It is directly involved with insurance companies as well as bill collectors. Alongside personal injury lawsuits it also handles the case of medical negligence.


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